We are in unique times and facing social, cultural and political conditions we probably have not seen since at least the 1960's.
However most successful movements have not been won alone. They have needed allies. And this is where you come in.
We are and want to be known as more than just a retail fashion line, but also as a tool for civic and social engagement. And for that, we need your commitment.
So we ask the following questions: What kind of future do you envisage? What social, cultural and economic inequities you think should be addressed? What actions do you plan on taking to make sure that happens?
For our part, we commit to offering a 10% sales discount in exchange for participation in social and civic engagements in your community: 

  • Voting participation at the County, State and Federal level.
  • Organizations of neighborhood voting groups.
  • Participation in local Marches or out of state marches.
  • Volunteerism with non-profit organizations addressing issues about People of Color, Women & Girls, and the Muslim and Gay Community.

Upon verification of any the above activities, AWOKN commits to a one-time sale discount of 10% on any of our merchandise.