Eric Coly

The word WOKE is a noble one, hence fully deserving of a high degree of integrity with any enterprise related to it. That is what we commit to.

AWOKN is my second fashion line dedicated to empowering marginalized communities (with a slight focus on women and girls), through the partnering of Non Profit Organizations. The first one, called Le Dessein entails featuring pieces of artwork by young girls from the Developing World on our fashion, then contributing a portion of our profits to their education.

Why the interest with empowering women and girls you might ask? Well, this lady here is to be blamed for it (enclosed photo). My mother inculcated in her children the vital importance of educating women and girls and the many ramifications it offered, not just socially, culturally, and economically, but also a high sense of self-dignity and respectability.
I am also still recovering from my first life of ten years spent in banking. Remission, I am finding out can take a long time, but offers a penance filled with beauty!

Founder & C.E.O