Our intention is to develop a space where we can humbly become part of the legacy of the expression WOKE by creating avenues capable of elevating the very people it has so valiantly stood for.

AWKON, our company’s name derives from the word WOKE, which first originated from the writings of novelist William Melvin Kelley. The term WOKE got adopted by Erykah Badu the singer back in 2008 who introduced it to the main culture. It lastly got re-adopted by the Black Lives Matter Movement around 2013 under the guise of "Stay Woke." It is a word largely defined by an amalgam of empathy, activism and participation in fighting for racial and gender rights. It is therefore an important concept that was born from pain, beauty, struggle and a strong sense of presence.

As a result, the nature of our mission is to use our fashion as a tool to empower marginalized communities by creating partnerships with non profit organizations and commit 50% of our profits to their endeavors. See our process here.

We also want to be known as more than just an ethical fashion line but also as a tool for civic and social engagement. That is why we've also thought of ways to create an interactive platform through this website where our consumer audience can engage in helping to address some of the important issues that pervade society. See here.